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OPEN 7 DAYS! Monday through Sunday | 11:30 am to 9:00 pm

OPEN 7 DAYS! Monday through Sunday | 11:30 am to 9:00 pm



Hi, and thank you for choosing Antonio’s today!

Our daughter, Kat (19) is back at Bryant University and becoming more and more immersed in College life. Tommy (16) is proudly “slinging pies” back here at Antonio’s after his winter hiatus. He’s trying to ski as much as weather permits and just got in a run to my old favorite: Killington. Johnny, our youngest at (15) is also skiing as much as possible while not letting schoolwork get in his way. Every time I bring up starting to work here at the restaurant, he quietly slips away back to his room for more computer gaming. Johnny, be wary “for whom the bell tolls”!
     My wife Lisa (over 21) was in Chicago for three days this week for a sales kick-off event as she is a Senior VP at Morningstar. I can’t help mentioning that I’m so proud of her. From the kids we were in Simsbury High School to where we are now is beyond what was our wildest dreams.
     Also considered family, is our restaurant family. We’re all still here, and all having as much fun as possible. Both of my families are the greatest blessing I could ever have hoped for. I know how very lucky I am.
     In the bar, Superbowl is always a time to celebrate! We’ve got take-out specials and if your up for watching the game here; we’re raffling off a fire pit and a bunch of other really cool prizes. More on that and Valentine’s Day soon!
     Well, that’s about it for this week’s note, but as always; thank you for being here, we truly appreciate you and the opportunity you give us! Thanks again for turning my dream, into a reality.

Sincerely, Steven (Antonio)

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