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OPEN 7 DAYS! Monday through Sunday | 11:30 am to 9:00 pm

OPEN 7 DAYS! Monday through Sunday | 11:30 am to 9:00 pm



Hi, and thank you for choosing
Antonio’s today!

I can’t believe it’s officially Fall.

What does this mean? Well for one, we started buying an extra case of toilet paper each week in preparation for our Cabbage night festivities! There’s also the Simsbury Fly-in and the Big E to look forward to if you haven’t been. We haven’t yet but in my business, it’s so cool to hear of the creative culinary concoctions. This leads right into our seasonal menu revision. We anticipate it being in place the week after next. It’s so hard to do menu revisions four times a year as there are so many fan favorites; but we will have to remove some items to make room for the seasonal changes and new ideas. However, if you ever… even right now… remember a selection from a past menu; we’d always be happy to make it for you. That is of course, ingredient and time permitting!

     This weekend Katherine will be coming back from Bryant University for the first time this school year. She’s not even here yet, and she’s letting us know she needs to get back to school ASAP. No, don’t kid yourself; it’s not for academic reasons. There’s some big party coming up.

     The reason Kat is coming back is to update her passport. There is a little-known nuance regarding U.S. passports. Well at least it was unknown to me until we were boarding a flight for a family trip a few years ago, and I was pulled out of line and sent home. If your passport expires within 6 months of your departure date, regardless of how soon you will return; they will not let you board an outgoing flight. When this did happen to me the most ironic part is Lisa and the kids genuinely missed me… and I had one of my favorite 5-day vacations, alone at home with the dogs :)

     Other than that, we’re all happy and healthy at home and here with my restaurant family. Speaking of restaurant family… Gigi wanted me to say hi to her... Hi Gigi!

     Well, last, but most assuredly not least, and most importantly; thank YOU for turning my dream into a reality and making this all possible!

Steven (Antonio)

P.S. We Have EVERY Football game on in the bar, a bunch of food specials while they’re playing and tons of free giveaways!


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